Acts of Congress

Fort Belknap Reservation


1972 Provides for disposition of judgment for Assiniboine Tribes of Fort Peck and Fort Belknap (86 Stat. 1171)

1972 To declare that certain federally owned land is held by United States in trust for Fort Belknap Indian community (86 Stat. 733)

1972 Provides for dispostition of judgment fund for Blackfeet and Gros Ventre (86 Stat. 64)

1970 Authorize transfer of Brown Unit of Fort Belknap Indian irrigation project (84 Stat. 216)

1961 Authorize transfer of three units of Fort Belknap Indian irrigation projects to landowners within project (75 Stat. 509)

1958 Provide for sale, partition, issuance of patents-in-fee, or other disposition of lands on Fort Belknap Reservation designated as homesteads (72 Stat. 531)

1930 Authorizes Montana to build bridge across Missouri River south of Fort Belknap (46 Stat. 859)

1930 Amends Act dealing with Court of Claims hearing Assiniboune claims (46 Stat. 531)

1927 Confers jurisdiction on Court of Claims to hear claims of Assiniboine Tribe (44 Stat. 1263)

1927 Exempts Fort Belknap lands from indemnity by State of Montana pursuant to statute (44 Stat. 1022)

1921 Providing for allotment of lands within Fort Belknap Indian Reservation (41 Stat. 1355)

1911 Appropriation for irrigation system and advances lien of allotment (36 Stat. (1058) 1066)

1907 Authorize leasing of Indian lands up to 20,000 acres for sugar beets at Fort Belknap Agency for 10 years (34 Stat. 1034)

1896 Ratifies land cessions of Fort Belknap and Blackfeet (29 Stat. 350)

1895 Authorizes Secretary to negotiate with Fort Belknap and Blackfeet for cessions of land (28 Stat. (876) 900)

1888 Act setting aside a reservation and designating boundary of Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana (25 Stat. 113)

1874 Act to establish a reservatioin for certain Indians in territory of Montana (18 Stat. 28)