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Crow Reservation


The Crow Constitution and By-Laws of 2001 established three branches of government, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, for the governance of the Crow Tribe. The new Constitution provides for a separation of powers to allow for a balance of power between branches and an independent Tribal Court. The powers of the Executive and Legislative branches are expressly enumerated in an attempt to provide orderly governance. Further, the terms of office for members of the Executive and Legislative branches have been lengthened to four years from the previous two year terms to achieve consistency in leadership. The Removal provisions for elected members of the Executive and Legislative branches have been revised to require cause and a higher voting quorum to further achieve stability and consistency of leadership

Crow Tribal Council
Crow Agency, MT 59022

Crow Tribal Courts

The Crow Constitution, in Article X, provides for a separate and distinct Judicial Branch of Government that is specifically governed by the Crow Tribal Law and Order Code. Tribal judges must possess either a law degree or have five years of experience in a judicial system after passing the Crow Tribal Bar Exam. The judges have life terms, although they may be removed from office for causes expressly stated in the Law and Order Code.

Crow Tribal Court
P.O.  Box 489
Crow Agency, MT  59022
Crow Reservation