Montana Indian Law


Crow Reservation

Legislative Resolutions

Bill No. Description
LR 11-18 Seven Land Parcels 
LR 11-17 Legislative Branch Attorney 
LR 11-16 Benefit Package 
LR 11-15 Deny Confirm Cabrera 
LR 11-14 Property Interest Employ. 
LR 11-13 Amend Treaty Committee 
LR 11-12 Discipline Two Leggins 
LR 11-11 Deny Chair $200,000 
LR 11-10 Author Exec. Branch 
LR 11-09 Fed. Invest. Financial Act 
LR 11-08 Exec. Branch Reports 
LR 11-07 Legislative Budget Mod. 
LR 11-06 Mine Wages 
LR 11-05 Legislative Vehicle Use 
LR 11-04 Language Nests Grant 
LR 11-03 Confirm Pease 
LR 11-02 Petition Procedure 
LR 11-01 Land Exchange 
LR 10-25 Endorsement of Leroy Not Afraid, Justice of the Peace & Lawrence Pete Big Hair, County Sherriff & Support of all Crow Candidates
LR 10-24 To make clear the intent of CLB 10-02
LR 10-23 Confirm Alvin J. Not Afraid, Jr., Director of the Crow Coal Regulatory Office
LR 10-22 Branch Mission Statement
LR 10-21 Establish Executive Branch Reporting Standards & Enhance Reporting to Crow Tribe General Council
LR 10-20 Establish Branch Policy & Procedure for Legislative Resolutions
LR 10-19 Recognition of Apsaalooke Coal Miners
LR 10-18 Recommendation of Vianna Stewart as B.I.A Superintendent
LR 10-17 Add "Parks & Recreation" to Fish & Wildlife Committee
LR 10-16 Establish student intern program & authority to hire
LR 10-15 Supporting Apsaalooke Chamber of Commerce
LR 10-14 Resolution ratifying the MT-Crow Class III Gaming Compact
LR 10-13 Annual Day of Recognition for L.G. JROTC
LR 10-12 Establish a Fish & Wildlife Committee
LR 10-11 Request U.S. Senators Baucus & Tester Introduce Senate Resolution
LR 10-10 Establish Veteran's Affairs Committee
LR 10-09 Establish a Procedure for Nominee Confirmation
LR 10-08 Hire & Employ L. Plainfeather as Legal Asst
LR 10-07 Establish Treaty Committee
LR 10-06 Establish Transportation Committee
LR 10-05 Establish Gaming Committee
LR 10-04 Authorization to Darcy Merchant to make public research data of auto accidents on Reservation
LR 10-03 Hire & Employ J. Harris as Permanent Law Clerk
LR 10-02 Modify Budget Pay scale for Law Clerk
LR 09-08 Removal H.H.S. Superintendent & Board Chair
LR 09-07 Billings Clinic Research
LR 09-06 Cell Phone Guidelines
LR 09-05 Approving Expenditures Revenue Committee FY09
LR 09-04 Serve in Emergency Situations
LR 09-03 Men's Health
LR 09-02 Messengers for Health
LR 09-01 Enrollment Committee
LR 08-22 Confirmation of Tribal Court Judge - Jonni Big Hair
LR 08-21 $2.00 Salary Increase for the Legislative Branch Senators
LR 08-20 Rescinding LR 08-18 (support & enforcement of Res. No2000-32)
LR 08-19 Surface Land By-Laws
LR 08-17 Amending LR 08-05 (Clarification of FY 08 *150)
LR 08-16 CLOC Distribution & Request
LR 08-15 Ascending Pay increase for Committee Chairs & Secretaries
LR 08-14 Mileage Reparation for Senators during Sessions
LR 08-13 Appointment of Kenny E. Pretty On Top as Sergeant at Arms
LR 08-12 Retro Comp/Admin Leave with pay per employee after sessions
LR 08-11 Ascending Pay Increase for the Secretary of the House
LR 08-10 Removal/Recall of Speaker of the House Elect J. Stone
LR 08-09 Street Outreach Shelter
LR 08-08 Adopting & Approving By-Laws Education Committee
LR 08-06 Personnel Policy Manual Approving & Adopting
LR 08-05 Clarification of FY08 *150 General Ledger No. 62500
LR 08-04 Adopting By-Laws for Personnel Committee
LR 08-03 Rescinding LR 07-05 "Severance Pay"
LR 08-02 Establish Surface Land Committee
LR 08-01 Re-Organization of Sub-Committees
LR 07-09 Amending Crow Legislative Budget FY 2008
LR 07-08 Establishing Personnel Policy Committee
LR 07-07 Credit Card for the Legislative Branch
LR 07-06 Amendment of Rule 8 defining Legal Requirement 2/3 Vote
LR 07-04 Financial Management System Policies & Procedures
LR 07-03 Amend the Infrastructure Bylaws for the Sub-Committees
LR 07-02 Confirmation of Appellate Judge Eldena Bear Don't Walk
LR 07-01 Confirmation of Associate Judge Julie Rides the Horse
LR 06-05 Endorsement of Crow Members running for County offices
LR 06-04 Approval of the Memorandum of Agreement for specified bills
LR 06-02 Codification Procedure
LR 06-01 Addendum to JAR 05-02
LR 05-01 Confirmation of Executive Branch Appointments
LR 04-07 Reserving all rooms in Legislative Chambers
LR 04-06 Amending the Rules of Order
LR 04-05 Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program
LR 04-04 Tribal Courts Assistance Programs
LR 04-03 Indian Alcohol & Substance Abuse Grant Program
LR 04-02 STOP Violence Against Women Discretionary
LR 04-01 Rural Domestic Violence & Child Victimization Enforcement
LR 03-02 Supporting an Amendment under 24 CFR Part 20.100
LR 03-01 Community Health & Education
LR 02-17 Subcommittee By-Laws
LR 02-16 Absentee Policy
LR 02-15 Smoke Free Building Policy
LR 02-13 Rules of Order for the Crow Tribal Legislature
LR 02-12 Investigate Trespass on Trust Lands Tribal and Individual
LR 02-11 Start Up Committee
LR 02-09 Investigate Trespass in Ceded Strip
LR 02-08 Investigate Tribal Mineral Assets
LR 02-07 Investigate Overgrazing
LR 02-06 Investigation Pryor & Krone Ranch
LR 02-05 Warriors Monument
LR 02-04 Access Roads Pryor Area
LR 02-03 I.H.S. Ambulance Service
LR 02-02 Legislative Attendance Policy
LR 02-01 Grant Application