Montana Indian Law


Fort Belknap Reservation


The reservation is home to two tribes, the Assiniboine and the Gros Ventre. The Assiniboine refer to themselves as "Nakoda" meaning the generous ones. The Gros Ventre call themselves "A-A-NI-NIN" meaning the White Clay People.

Fort Belknap Indian Community Council consists of the President and the Vice President, who are elected to serve four year terms. Eight Council Members, consisting of four Gros Ventres and four Assiniboine members are elected every two years. The President and Vice President appoint a Secretary Treasurer, who serves four years.

Fort Belknap Indian Community
RR1, Box 66 | 101 Tribal Way 
Harlem, MT 59526

Tribal Court

The Fort Belknap Community Court follows the 1999 Tribal Code. Applicants wishing to appear before the court must submit a practice form to obtain judicial approval. The Court has a Chief Judge, and two Associate Judges who are appointed by the Council. They serve for four-year terms, until they are either given tenure or resign from office. The Court can be reached at:

Tribal Court Complex
RR 1,, Box 362
Harlen MT 59526
Fort Belknap Reservation