Montana Indian Law


Northern Cheyenne Reservation


The Executive Branch consists of officers who serve four-year terms (the Tribal Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), as well as all executive agencies and departments The Legislative Branch consists of a Tribal Council that meets twice a month. The Council’s members serve two-year terms. The concentration of power in these two branches is offset not only checks and balances between them, but also by direct participation of tribal members.

Northern Cheyenne Tribe
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Northern Cheyenne Tribal Court

The Northern Cheyenne Judicial Branch is composed of the Trial Court, the Appellate Court, and the Constitutional Court. The Judges of the Appellate Court also serve as the Constitutional Court Judges. The Chief Judge is responsible for the administration of the Court, and works closely with the Clerk of Court to administer budgets and to ensure compliance with the 638 Model Contract and other grants.

Northern Cheyenne Tribe
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Lame Deer, MT 59043
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Northern Cheyenne