Montana Indian Law


Crow Reservation

Joint Action Resolutions

Bill No. Description
JAR 11-02 Exec. Order on Tribal Colleges & Universities
JAR 11-01  Office of Veterans Affairs 
JAR 10-14 Indian Health Service Doctor Devous
JAR 10-13 MT Department of Commerce ICED Program Limited waiver of Sovereign Immunity
JAR 10-12 Approval for Chairman to obtain $1.5 Mil. FIB Loan & Limited Waiver
JAR 10-11 Shakopee Arbitration Resolution
JAR 10-10 Final Approval of $3 Million Casino Phase I Loan & Sovereign Immunity Waiver
JAR 10-09 Heritage Area
JAR 10-08 Coal Sales Absaloka Mine
JAR 10-07 Approval of Summary of Terms for $3 Million Casino Phase I Loan
JAR 10-06 AWWA - Water/Waste Water Phase III
JAR 10-05 Support of the Crow Transit System
JAR 10-04 Operating Procedures for the Crow Tribe Drug Task Force
JAR 10-03 Confirmation of H. Pretty On Top-HS Cabinet Head
JAR 10-02 Black Lodge Dist. Financial Policy & Proc.
JAR 10-01 Trust Transfer of 7 parcels of land…Trust Status
JAR 09-04 Set Aside Lands for Crow Housing
JAR 09-03 Tribal Member attending Off-Reservation Boarding School
JAR 09-02 Approval of Official Seal & Emblem for 107th Committee
JAR 09-01 Confidentiality Agreement
JAR 08-11 Apsaalooke Meth Project Collaboration & Partnership
JAR 08-10 Big Horn Dist. Financial Management Policy & Procedures
JAR 08-09 Land & Natural Resource Management Plan Land Use Code/Land Registry
JAR 08-08 Increasing Loan for Water / Waste Water
JAR 08-07 Many Starts Coal to Liquids (CTL)
JAR 08-06 Motor Vehicle Crash Site
JAR 08-05 URSA Major
JAR 08-04 Gleachers Partners, LLC
JAR 08-03 Amber Alert
JAR 08-02 Long Shot Oil, LLC
JAR 08-01 Elk Petroleum, LLC
JAR 07-09 Ratifying Loan Little Big Horn College
JAR 07-08 Additional Lease Property for the Arrow Creek Community Complex
JAR 07-07 Support of the United nations Rights of Indigenous People
JAR 07-06 Tax - Exempt Loan for completion of Little Big Horn College
JAR 07-05 Trust Transfer Wolf Mtn. Lookout Tower Land (Govt. Tract 6113)
JAR 07-04 Establishment of Arrow Creek District Community Complex
JAR 07-03 Authorize Exec. Branch to negotiate loans for Admin & Leg. Bldg & funds to complete LBHC
JAR 07-02 Reserve Crow Tribal Land to Wyola District for Community Development Improvement
JAR 07-01 Final Approval of the Certificate of Organization & Operating Agreement
JAR 06-14 Energy & Mineral Development Tract II
JAR 06-13 Water & Waste Water System(s) loan in the amount of 1.8 Million
JAR 06-12 Budget 2007
JAR 06-11 Rescinding CLB 06-05 Title 9 & Title 10
JAR 06-10 Rescinding CLB 06-04 Appropriations Act
JAR 06-09 Establish a procedure for Vetoes, Veto-overrides, & Referendum
JAR 06-08 Final approval of Settlement agreement of Crow Tribe & PacifiCorp.
JAR 06-07 LOAN not to exceed $750,000.00 from USDA
JAR 06-06 Road System Inventory
JAR 06-05 Office of Veteran Affairs
JAR 06-04 Confirming Associate Judge Dale Kindness
JAR 06-03 Addendum to CLB 02-27 "Crow Fair Office"
JAR 06-02 Amending the Charter & Bylaws of Little Big Horn College
JAR 06-01 Framework Agreement between the Crow Tribe and Westmoreland
JAR 05-12 To seek GOVT Purpose loan utilizing the Conoco Right of Way
JAR 05-11 Approval Oil & Gas Lease 2/ Golden Arrow Exp., LLC Dunmore
JAR 05-10 Approval Oil & Gas Lease 2/ Golden Arrow Exp., LLC Ashcreek
JAR 05-09 Approval of the Oil & Gas lease with GPE Energy Inc.
JAR 05-08 Addendum to the Lease Agreement 2/ Golden Arrow
JAR 05-07 Budget 2006
JAR 05-06 Development of a Comprehensive Business Code
JAR 05-05 Oil & Gas Lease between Crow Tribe & Alliance Energy Group
JAR 05-04 Oil & Gas Lease between Crow Tribe & Golden Arrow Exploration
JAR 05-03 Addendum to the Lease Agreement W/ Westmoreland
JAR 05-02 Revised Budget FY 2005
JAR 05-01 Crow Tribe-Montana 2005 Tobacco Tax Agreement
JAR 04-06 Judicial Ethics Board to Subpoena
JAR 04-05 Grant Applications & P.L. 93-638 Contract
JAR 04-04 Complete Construction Wyola Rodeo & Horseman Arena
JAR 04-03 Expand Gaming Opportunities
JAR 04-02 Develop a Land Acquisition Program
JAR 04-01 Cardiovascular Grant Application
JAR 03-02 Development of Water & Air Quality Codes
JAR 02-33 Black Footed Ferret
JAR 02-32 Youth Center in Lodge Grass
JAR 02-31 Yellowstone Cut Throat Trout Protection
JAR 02-30 Request $35,000.00 from B.I.A. Roads
JAR 02-29 Paul Dyke Collection
JAR 02-28 Original Trust Land Remove County Tax Rolls
JAR 02-27 Revenue Rights to Yellowtail Dam
JAR 02-26 $10,000 to Local Churches
JAR 02-25 Boys & Girls Ranch Pryor & Soap Creek
JAR 02-23 Construction Community Hall St. Xavier
JAR 02-22 Electricity to Rural Areas
JAR 02-21 Excess Milling for driveways etc..
JAR 02-20 Junk Vehicle
JAR 02-19 Litter Control
JAR 02-18 Crow Fair Administrative Manager
JAR 02-17 Retirement Allowance
JAR 02-16 Investigate Elder Center
JAR 02-14 Calf Donation to youth Groups
JAR 02-13 Civil Jurisdiction Big Horn Canyon
JAR 02-12 Tribal Youth Group Home - Seek Funds
JAR 02-11 Plenty Coups Park
JAR 02-10 Consolidate School District
JAR 02-09 Title VI Older American Act Grant Application
JAR 02-08 Buffalo Hunts - Sports Celebrities
JAR 02-07 Bi-Annual Music Concerts
JAR 02-06 ANA Governance Grant Application
JAR 02-05 Social Economic Development Plan
JAR 02-04 Confirm Cabinet Heads
JAR 02-03 Utilizing the Old Head Start Bldg. In Pryor
JAR 02-02 Buffalo Tourist
JAR 02-01 Visitor/Rest Stop