Montana Indian Law


Crow Reservation

Crow Legislative Bills

Bill No. Description
CLB 11-06 Eagle Harvest
CLB 11-05 Repeal CLB 02-17
CLB 11-04 FY 2012 Budget
CLB 11-03 Tribal Ratification Votes
CLB 11-02 Tobacco Tax
CLB 11-01 Amend Fiscal Management Act of 2007
CLB 10-06 FY 2011 Budget Approval
CLB 10-05 Amend Crow Secured Transaction Act
CLB 10-04 Amend Crow Workforce Protection Act
CLB 10-03 Crow Coal Mining & Reclamation Code
CLB 10-01 Establish Crow Tribal Health Board
CLB 09-09 Establish a Drug Task Force
CLB 09-08 FY2010 - Annual Budget
CLB 09-06 Public Health and Safety in Gaming Facilities Act of 2009
CLB 09-05 SORNA Adopt Sex Offender Registration Criminal Code Title 8D
CLB 09-04 Crow Tribal Lease Ordinance
CLB 09-03 Judges Qualifications Amend CLOC 3-3-303.1
CLB 09-02 L3C-An Act to Amend Portions of Title 18-Apsaalooke LLC
CLB 09-01 Establish a Workforce Protection Act (WPA)
CLB 08-06 Rescission of CLB 07-15 Amendments to Fiscal Management Act
CLB 08-05 FY 2009 Budget
CLB 08-03 Apsaalooke Nation Research Review Board
CLB 08-02 Meth Bill
CLB 08-01 Rescind CLB 02-12 (Administrative Procedures Act (TAPA)
CLB 07-17 Dog Control Ordinance
CLB 07-16 Traditional Supreme Court
CLB 07-13 Budget FY 08
CLB 07-10 Lease Agreement Policy Act
CLB 07-09 LLC for Purpose of Management of Tribal Leases
CLB 07-08 Crow Tribal Fiscal Management Act (FMA)
CLB 07-07 Amend Title 15, Chapter 1 CLOC to give Tribal members Rental Priority
CLB 07-06 Apsaalooke Limited Liability Company Act Title 18 CLOC
CLB 07-05 Amend the CLOC-Mental Illness or Behavioral Disorder
CLB 07-04 Title 8A, Criminal Procedure of CLOC to provide Bail & other Pre-trial Release
CLB 07-03 Trespass Rights
CLB 07-02 "CHILD IN NEED OF CARE" Juveniles & Domestic Relations
CLB 06-08 Veto Override - Referendum Process
CLB 06-06 Rescinding Title 2, Probate in the CLOC
CLB 06-03 Apsaalooke National Bank
CLB 06-02 Amending CLOC to include Title 17 to provide for protection of persons (Mental Illness)
CLB 06-01 Amending CLOC to include Title 15 the "Apsaalooke Secured Transaction Act"
CLB 05-19 Expand & Designate to so-called Indian Area of 184 Housing Loan to include all of MT
CLB 05-18 Amend CLOC to establish a curfew (Title 9)
CLB 05-17 Apsaalooke Tribe Cultural Resource Protection & Tribal Historic Preservation Office Act
CLB 05-16 Official Establishment of an office of Business Entity Registration and of a System
CLB 05-15 Amending the Comprehensive Election Ordinance
CLB 05-14 Providing for Judicial Elections & Qualifications Pay/Salary
CLB 05-13 Crow Tribal Land Farm Act
CLB 05-12 Crow Tribal Environmental Policy Act
CLB 05-11 Amend Law & Order Code to provide for procedures for J.A.R.'s
CLB 05-10 Amend Law & Order Code Admission to Practice
CLB 05-09 Domestic Violence Bill (Title 8E)
CLB 05-08 Adopt 2005 Crow Law & Order Code
CLB 05-07 Taxation of Tobacco Products (title 13)
CLB 05-06 Address Truancy (Amend CLOC)
CLB 05-05 Service of Process (Amend CLOC)
CLB 05-04 Procedure to Codify Law & Order
CLB 05-03 Confirmation Associate Judge Angela Russell
CLB 05-02 Confirmation Chief Judge James Yellowtail
CLB 05-01 Amend CLOC to provide for a Tribal Prosecutor
CLB 04-10 Creating an Ordinance for the Apsaalooke Water & Waste Water Authority
CLB 04-09 Memorandum of Agreement between Crow Nation & Fannie Mae
CLB 04-08 Confirmation of Honorable Judge B. Stovall
CLB 04-07 Budget 2005
CLB 04-06 Fish & Game Code Amendments
CLB 04-05 April 2004 Amended Election Ordinance
CLB 04-04 Finance Protection & Procedures Act
CLB 04-03 Water Quality Protection Codes
CLB 04-02 Westmoreland South Extension Agreement
CLB 04-01 Budget 2004
CLB 03-10 Bill Barrett Settlement
CLB 03-09 Amending Title 3 Law & Order Code
CLB 03-03 Jury Eligibility
CLB 03-02 Confirmation Associate Judge Rena Frank
CLB 03-01 Amendments to CLB 02-01
CLB 02-20 Chief Judge James Rugamer
CLB 02-18 Coal Bed Methane
CLB 02-17 Sovereign Immunity
CLB 02-16 Threshold / Ratify Agreements 7/14/01
CLB 02-14 Ratify Existing Resolution
CLB 02-13 Land Use
CLB 02-10 Budget
CLB 02-07 Motor Pool
CLB 02-06 Establish Water Commission
CLB 02-04 Legislative Subcommittees
CLB 02-03 Crow Day
CLB 02-02 Dissolve Law & Order Commission & Safety Officer
CLB 02-01 Repeal Title 3 of Law & Order Code